​What is love? by Sara Cortes

What is love?

Have you ever felt in love from someone, like that, that person means something really important to you, and you can’t let that person goes? Yeah and you just think I love this person so much that I could die for him or her (dramatically saying)? We all feel somehow like that when we think we really love someone, but it’s not true, that is not love, that it’s just a feeling of loneliness; yes, we need someone for being happy, maybe you are those persons that says “no I don’t need anyone for being happy”, STOP LYING YOURSELF, we all need someone for being happy, even a cat, but that’s all, being happy, not being in love, being in love is something completely different that we’ve all had in somehow.

First we need to know what love means, and no it’s not that thing that the television shows in the movies, no don’t worry you don’t feel butterflies in your stomachache, love means a really strong bond between two or more individuals; second when do we feel this? Well it’s really simple actually, you feel this we you know, but like REALLY KNOW a person, and that person it’s important to you; and how you really know that you’re feeling that way for that person? Well that is the differences between all of us, for example, you start hanging out with him or her, for a lot of time, you can have some similitudes, like that you like the same music, or the same weird food, you both can be different, maybe he or she are really crazy and wild, and maybe you are calm, or maybe you two are totally the same person; but you need to know this first, before everything, and if you like that you can be looking forward a relationship with that person, but obviously the other person have to wanted too.

But at the end what is love? Well love is having respect each other, being always when the other person need it, have support in everything (everything that is good), and always take the challenges that life brings, and take a chance in every step of your life together, and if you are young, don’t worry about everything, obviously take your responsibilities always, but do not be worry, you have someone, go somewhere and being free, be you and that person one, and you both can see the world in love.

By Sara Cortes